DATRON Consumable Material

Coolant Additives KMZ
When used regularly, the coolant additives protect the spindle cooling
system from corrosion, uncontrolled growth of algae and calcification, and
therefore prolong the lifetime of all coolant-circulated components.
n Protects the spindle and cooling system from corrosion, calcification
and uncontrolled algae growth
n 6-month protection for each maintenance package
Scope of delivery
n 1 bottle AO-100 Anti-Oxidation, 100 ml each
n 6 bottles B-100 Biozid, 100 ml each
Prolongs the lifetime of the
spindle cooling system
n Improves the water quality
n User-friendly individual dosing
Order Description
Article Number
Coolant additives KMZ AO Anti-Oxidation, B-100 Biozid
Consumable Material