DATRON Software

The CAD/CAM system PrimCAM puts the DATRON machine software
philosophy consistently into action for the CAD/CAM area:
Easy to learn, easy to operate, but nonetheless powerful. Graphically inter-
active and with predefined libraries, you solve complex milling and engrav-
ing tasks within minutes.
n Convenient, and therefore fast and economical CAD drawing creation
n Easy data transfer from other CAD programs (from AutoCAD,
for example, even SHX fonts are accepted)
n Graphically interactive NC program creation with direct
CNC machine communication
n Complete and extendable CAD/CNC library modules for
CNC manufacturing in electronics
n Engraving functions with several text fonts
n CAD: Powerful and user-friendly
n Easy to learn, easy to operate
n Easy to understand and practical
n CAM machine data can be taken directly from the drawing
with only a few steps
n Graphically interactive CNC program creation
n Data transfer from other CAD programs
n Ergonomic ,,symbol" control for minimum learning time
n Complete and easy-to-extend CAD/CAM library functions
for manufacturing in electronics
n Convenient tool management
n Powerful CAM functions, such as pocket spaces,
roughing/finishing operations, etc.