DATRON Software
DATRON Software Overview
DATRON Machine Software CNCv8
The DATRON CNC software offers high performance with easiest handling
for the operator at the same time. This is reached by means of an easy-to-
understand menu system for direct programming and additional CAD
interfaces for making use of the already existing data.
The DATRON CNC control is compatible with all common CAD/CAM pro-
grams on the market. The following programs are used at DATRON and can
therefore be especially recommended:
The 2.5D CAD/CAM system PrimCAM puts DATRON`s machine software phi-
losophy consistently into action for the CAD/CAM area: Easy to learn, easy
to operate, but nonetheless powerful. The clearly structured menu guidance
allows even CAM beginners how to create their own CNC programs within a
minimum amount of time. Many special functions of the DATRON CNC con-
trol are directly integrated in PrimCAM.
Mastercam offers a wide range of complete machining software for two
to five axis milling. Thanks to the modular structure, Mastercam can be
tailored to special applications (Mastercam, milling entry, Level1, Level2,
Level3). Mastercam is the most frequently used PC-based CAD/CAM soft-
ware of the world today with more than 85,000 installations.
SolidCAM is the complete manufacturing solution for efficient NC program-
ming in Solid Works. SolidCAM in successfully used in many industrial
applications (mechanical manufacturing, electronics, automobile and aero-
space industry).
Type3 from Vision Numeric is a specially perfected software solution for
3D CNC machining in the artistic and creative area. 3D engraving, complex
dies, coins, jewellery elements and many other -- more artistic -- applica-
tions can be effectively realised and manufactured on the DATRON machine.
Further powerful software solutions in this application area are also
provided by AH-Soft (HCAM) and Delcam (ArtCAM).