DATRON Rotary/Swivel Axes
DATRON Rotary/Swivel Axes

Economic Multi-Side Machining with
DATRON CNC Rotary Axes
Fine-mechanic parts can be precisely machined on multiple sides with the
DATRON rotary axes. Small electrodes, round engraving or even jewellery
molds are typical applications. All DATRON rotary axes are delivered with
integrated servo-positioning units and additional software. They can also be
easily retrofitted.
Compact rotary axis
All applications which require rotation about the horizontal machine table
can be realized with this compact rotary axis. The collet is prepared for col-
let chucks according to type ER32 with internal diameter 3 to 20 mm. With a
resolution of 64,000 steps per revolution, this rotary axis is well-
suited for machining cylindrical bodies, for rotary engraving, for rotary
milling or general multi-sided machining.
Precision rotary axis
For applications where workpieces have to be turned in front of the vertical
clamping surface of the DATRON M8/M35 series. This axis, the robust gears
of which run in an oil bath, is very precise and extremely backlash-free. The
axis has a resolution of 864,000 steps/revolution and is delivered with a
SK40 collet. Its dimensions are 185 mm x 148 mm x 352 mm (D x W x H).
Rotary/swivel axis
This axis offers an especially high precision for machining fine mechanical
parts. It is designed for all DATRON machines. The swivel axis can be rota-
ted up to 300 degrees; the rotary axis is stop-free. Axial running and con-
centricity are very precisely tuned at 0.01 mm. The positioning and repeat-
ability accuracies lie in the range of angular seconds. The unit is built with
IP54 protection, weighs about 8.4 kg and has the dimensions 202 mm x 230
mm x 130 mm (D x W x H) at a peak height of 75 mm.
Rotary axis with tailstock
The rotary axis with tailstock offers comfortable handling together with the
highest possible manufacturing precision. The axis is especially suited for
all-round machining of long workpieces or for drilling in the radial direction.
The rotary axis with tailstock is mounted on a module clamping plate. This
minimizes set-up times and guarantees high positioning accuracy at the
Illustration similar
same time. Compact and precision rotary axes are available with tailstock.
Rotary/Swivel Axes