DATRON Manual Clamping Technology

Flat Clamping System Quick-Lok
In the case of manual clamping technology, DATRON relies in the new, inno-
vative workpiece clamping systems from Chick Workholding Solutions Inc.
In order to be able to overcome the limits of conventional workpiece clamp-
ing and to make full use of the capabilities of DATRON machining systems,
the flat clamping system offers very good solutions. Both single-part clamp-
ings as well as double-clampings are possible.
n Compact, closed design
n Completely closed system; chips cannot penetrate
n Nearly no system maintenance necessary
n Clamping operation made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant
n Optimised pull-down effect despite the flat design
n Centre jaw/fixed jaw for single part clamping
n Precision positioning by means of diamond-shaped and round adapter
n Maximum reproducibility
n Plastic bearings prevent the jaws from blocking when lifting
n Quick-changing jaws
n Very quickly converted thanks to ,,click" mechanism
n No tools are required
n Jaws can be used on both sides
Scope of Delivery:
n 5 QL 1040 flat clamping system mounted on 280 mm x 380 mm module
plate (which fits on all standard DATRON machine tables)
n 5-DS-1040-10-40 Standard set of jaws
n 5-DS-1040-10-55 High set of jaws
n 5-DS-1040-15-40 Wide set of jaws
n 5-DS-1040-15-55 Oversized set of jaws
High flexibility
Single part and double clamping
Technical Data
Flat clamping system Quick-Lok
n High clamping force up to 2 t
Dimensions (L x B x H)
400 mm x 100 mm x 95 mm
11 kg
All types of mechanical
Maximum clamping capacity double clamping
180 mm
(2 clamping units)
Maximum clamping capacity single clamping
380 mm
(1 clamping units)
Order Description
Article Number
Flat clamping system Quick-Lok
Manual Clamping Technology