DATRON Vacuum Clamping Technology

Vacuum Clamping Technology Description VS-B
DATRON vacuum clamping technology is especially suited for clamping
workpieces which have a large surface area. Without conversion, identical
or even different workpieces can be clamped one after the other or next to
each other in any position.
By using micro-perforated special cardboard - VacuCardTM - the workpiece
must only cover about 2/3 of the clamping surface. This way, the clamping
plate can be used very flexibly for a multitude of parts. Dealing with sealing
strips is not necessary. The special cardboard serves as a "sacrificial layer"
at the same time and protects the vacuum clamping plates from damage.
Depending on the machine type, several vacuum clamping plates can be
combined to form a large-format plate.
Simple and secure clamping of
sheet metal
n Complete milling around the
workpieces possible
n Deformation-free clamping
Clamping of sheet metal
Clamping of flat housings
Vacuum Clamping Technology