DATRON Clamping Technology
DATRON Module Clamping Technology

Module Clamping Technology ­ Description MS-B
Thanks to the DATRON module clamping technology, set-up times are dras-
tically reduced. Module plates, taken up by conical centring sleeves, are
suctioned directly with vacuum on the polymer concrete table or on a base
The advantage is the lightning-fast change of the clamping modules and the
high repeatability of the clamping position within a few hundredths of a mil-
limetre. The module plates can be positioned in nearly any arrangement on
the machine table with a grid size of 100 mm.
The sealed area of the clamping modules is evacuated through boreholes.
The Earth`s atmosphere presses the module plate against the machine table
or base module, then, with a pressure of 7N per cm². For a small clamping
module of only 200 mm x 200 mm, for example, holding forces of over
2500 N are generated here.
Alternatively, the modules can also be screwed down in the conventional
DATRON offers a multitude of ready-made module clamping solutions.
Customised applications can be developed upon request.
In order to be able to use DATRON module clamping technology, a table
upgrade for the module clamping system is required on polymer con-
crete tables, such as on the machining systems M8, M8XL and M35. To the
machining systems M3, M5 and M9 the module clamping technology can be
adapted by means of a base module.
Flexible take-up options
n Fast set-up times
n Precise positioning
n Reduction of non-productive
Module clamping plates, vacuum
n Module clamping plates, T-slots
(optional with short-stroke
clamping elements)
n Module clamping plates with
clamping chuck
Module clamping plates with vice
Module clamping plates
with customised pallet
changing system
Module Clamping Technology