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XYZ Probe Tip XYZ-T
New additional tip for the DATRON TP-D XYZ precision probe
Originally, the DATRON precision probes have been designed for the accu-
rate measuring of even surfaces such as aluminium panels. More and more
customers, however, intend to also digitise smaller work pieces or curved
surfaces. For this purpose a new measuring tip is now available with a
radius of 0.5 mm.
Higher measurement accuracy thanks to new precision probe tip
By default the DATRON precision probe is configured with a measuring tip
radius of 1.5 mm. The advantage of the slightly bigger radius is the lower
probing force. More touch-sensitive surfaces can thus be measured without
leaving "marks". When probing sloped edges, the measuring result is more
accurate with the new additional probe tip.
n Tip radius 0.5 mm
n Even better probing for curved surfaces
Scope of Delivery:
n 3 measuring tips
n Special keys
n Mounting material
r = 1.5 mm
r = 0.5 mm
Probing Error
Even better probing with the new
probe tip r = 0,5 mm
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XYZ Probe tip XYZ-T