DATRON Sensors
D (X, Y) Extension for TP-3D Z Probe
The 3D extension allows measurements to also be made in the X and Y
directions, so that the milling cutter can, e.g. be positioned above the centre
of a hole or workpiece edge.
Corners and Edges
A material edge or the material height can be determined with one mesure-
ment. Both the material height as well as the exact position of a rectangular
workpiece edge can be determined with three measurements.
The determination of reference points on workpieces can be done much
more precisely with the DATRON sensor and in a fraction of the time of con-
ventional methods.
Central point
Central points of circular or rectangular materials or breakouts can be loca-
ted automatically.
Centring on the material can be done precisely in a few seconds without a
long set-up time. With the measurement of two reference bores, for exam-
ple, a non-angled clamping can also be compensated for by rotating the
coordinate system.
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3D- (X, Y) extension for Z Probe TP-3D