Sensors and Automation
DATRON Sensors

The ,,Online" Quality System - XYZ Sensor
Simply swivel into the work area and increase the production quality within
seconds, or just check the dimensional stability: With the XYZ sensor, you
can consistently optimise your method of production. With the DATRON 3D
sensor we will navigate you quickly, simply and easily over all obstacles.
Ingenious in Every Dimension - XYZ sensor
The XYZ sensor is a three-dimensional probing sensor. With its help,
you reduce considerably the set-up times of your machining system. You
increase the precision and reliability of your referencing. The XYZ sensor
will make your production more efficient. Long and tedious set-up is a thing
of the past.
Material Surfaces
A material surface can be measured by means of point-like digitalisation
and the CNC or engraving program can immediately correct this measured
height profile.
Also uneven or imprecisely clamped workpieces can be absolutely precisely
machined at the right depth.
Application Examples:
Finding the centre of cylindrical bodies; apply precise chamfers or radii on
view windows, e.g. for front panels; rough digitalisation of a mold for fur-
ther processing in the CAD system; engraving on curved surfaces; setting
the workpiece zero point on the material surface; milling switch breakouts in
curved passenger car consoles; engraving with constant width on materials
which have thickness tolerances; woodwind instruments, e.g. exact counter-
sinking, drilling and milling of raw oboes; introducing screw counterbores,
always at the right depth, even on large boards; location of the central point
of an internal rectangle; exact depth machining of acrylics or other plastics
with thickness tolerances; machining PCB circuit cards specifically in one
layer; engraving stamps or punch tools on concave surfaces.
Finding reference edges of the
n Exact depth machining even in
the case of free-form surfaces or
uneven materials
n Automatic compensation of
material tolerances
Clear reduction of set-up times
Fast and exact material