DATRON Cooling/Lubrication Systems

Sprayhead -Nozzle-Microjet EK-VM-4
The Spray system consists of four nozzles with a bundled jet which are
arranged 90 apart around the milling cutter. The sprayhead can be mounted
instead of the EK-M standard head. With this, the coolant/lubricant is optimally
distributed. The coolant always gets to the cutting edge, independent of the
milling direction. The 4-nozzle microjet system can only be used for spindles
with HSK-E 25 and HSK-E 32 take-ups on the machines M8/M35. The tool chan-
ger must be equipped with long collet chucks.
n Use for all DATRON HSK spindles
Scope of Delivery:
n 4-nozzle spraying unit
Sprayhead 2-Nozzle-Microjet EK-VM-2
Due to this flexible versatile jointed hoses the 2-nozzle spraying unit allows an
optimum adaptation of the cooling unit to the machining task. The spraying
unit is designed for all spindles with direct shaft clamping.
n Use for all DATRON SF spindles with direct shaft clamping
Scope of Delivery:
n 2-nozzle spraying unit
Properties EK-VM-4 and EK-VM-2:
n Finely dispensable spray volume
n Can be electronically switched on/off via the hand-held control unit
n Better distribution of the coolant/
n Coolant consumption 0 -1 l/h
n Various cooling media can be used
n No obstruction of the cooling jet
by workpiece edges
Workpiece cooling
n Tool cooling
Order Description
Article Number
n Lubricating the cutting edge
Sprayhead 4-Nozzle-Microjet EK-VM-4
n Use of HSK spindles
Cooling/Lubrication Systems