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DATRON Cooling/Lubrication System EK-D
The DATRON cooling/lubrication system is for conducting heat away from the
milling location.
The coolant is sprayed through two Venturi nozzles with compressed air near
the milling cutter and comes out as a fine mist on the workpiece and tool.
The heat energy which is generated in the milling process is removed from
the milling location by means of the evaporation process. In addition, the
coolant lubricates the cutting edge of the tool and increases the tool life.
Thanks to nearly complete evaporation of the coolant, the workpiece does not
have to be cleaned.
n Can be electronically dispensed via hand-held control unit
n Flexible spray nozzle holder
n Direction-dependent work can be programmed
n Program-controlled spray volume
n Coolant consumption 0 - 1 l/h
Scope of Delivery:
n 2 Venturi micro spray nozzles with holder
n 5-litre storage tank (plastic)
n Software extension for automatic mode
n Spray nozzle holder for dust suctioning
Optimum tool cooling
Very close to milling cutter
n Directed spray
Workpiece cooling
n Tool cooling
n Lubricating the cutting edge
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Cooling/Lubrication system DATRON EK-D
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