DATRON High-Frequency Spindles
DATRON Offers More
At DATRON, you get a high-performance spindle system and the perfect
periphery to go with it. The electronic control, the converter, the lubrication
system, and the Tool changer system are optimally adapted to each other.
This guarantees the maximum quality and reliability of the overall system.
Solution of your cutting task in the DATRON application technology:
Our application technicians have a lot of accumulated know-how in high-
speed machining. We will give you practical advice about your cutting task.
Together with you, we will select the optimum spindle system and the right
tools for your requirements.
DATRON intelligent minimum-volume cooling/lubrication system:
The program-controlled minimum-volume cooling and lubrication system
allows the milling speed and quality to be drastically increased while in-
creasing the tool life at the same time with better cooling. Very high quality is
achieved thanks to the pulse-controlled micro-lubrication of the tool. Thanks
to the use of different lubricants, the system is suitable for all common
DATRON offers service and support from one source. Our spindle overhaul
and exchange service guarantees that your machine is ready for production
within a minimum amount of time, even in the event of a malfunction.
High-Frequency Spindles