HF Spindles and Accessories
DATRON High-Frequency Spindles

DATRON offers the right machining spindle for every application. Perfect
precision, durability and a very wide application range are offered.
The professional selection of the machining spindle matching your applica-
tion is an especially important point in configuring the CNC machine tool.
You can choose from an extensive product range in order to implement the
ideal high-frequency spindle for your specific application range. You can
choose between extremely powerful high-frequency precision spindles or
cost-effective and robust ,,work horses" here. All DATRON high-frequency
spindles have high quality and durability in common.
DATRON machining systems are specialised on extremely effective cutting,
especially with smaller tools.
High-quality and, at the same time, economic manufacturing requires high
speeds for a high cutting capacity with smaller tools. With speeds of up to
80,000 rpm and high-quality precision bearings, DATRON machining spin-
dles offer the solution for sophisticated precision cutting.
The following high-frequency spindles are available:
PowerS powerful and especially precise high-frequency spindles with
HSK-E tool take-ups. Ideal for high quality and efficiency in
power cutting. Speeds of up to 40,000 rpm and high cutting
For High-Speed Machining:
HS high-frequency spindles with automatic tool changer
for milling, drilling and engraving; for easier high-speed
HS high-frequency spindles with automatic HSK-E cone tool
changers. For especially precise milling, drilling and engraving,
the HighS machining spindle is equipped with the HSK-E cone
tool changer.
For plastic and non-ferrous metals:
Especially robust high-frequency spindles with automatic tool
changes for milling, drilling and engraving with speeds up to
30,000 rpm.
High-Frequency Spindles