DATRON Accessories Overview

High-Frequency Spindles, Tool Changers and
Cooling/Lubricant Systems
Our design engineers and application experts have selected the high-
frequency machining spindles with special care. With dynamic control,
durable temperature control and cooling devices and the robust tool
changers, we guarantee precision and productivity. Together with the
optimal tools and the minimum-volume cooling systems, you are get-
ting the finest cutting technology.
Sensors and Automation
Maximum production safety is a matter of standard with DATRON.
Intelligent sensors monitor all operating states of the mechanics and
control. Tools are automatically measured and tool breakage is reliably
detected. With the unique DATRON XYZ sensors, you even compen-
sate material tolerances fully automatically. This is an important pre-
condition, especially for fully automatic operation without personnel.
For this, DATRON offers an especially economical solution with the
Indumatik light.
Clamping Technology
Clamping raw parts must go quickly and easily! Who can afford long
non-productive times nowadays? With DATRON clamping modules and
clamping elements, you can fix the parts to be machined quickly, secu-
rely and low in vibrations.
Software and Control
Fast, very dynamic traversing and simple, intuitive operation -- the
DATRON CNC control unifies performance with operating convenience.
You are also well-equipped for the future with the most modern PC
technology and the Windows operating system. Of course, DATRON
offers interfaces to (nearly) every CAD/CAM program.
Other Accessories
In addition, DATRON also offers practical and perfected accessories
for the areas of rotary/swivel axes, chip/dust disposal and consumable
Accessories Overview