DATRON Automation

DATRON Automation Solutions
Automated production processes allow nearly constant production
quality and high productivity. DATRON will support you in imple-
menting your automation processes from the very beginning. With
well-bared know-how in the area of sensors, process automation and
process monitoring, DATRON also fulfils complex wishes and
requirements for integrated and highly automated manufacturing
The most effective automation solution usually comes from using
DATRON standard machines. We also build and manufacture special-
purpose modular machines upon request for large batch production or
special requirements.
DATRON Offers:
Indumatik® light
A closed automatic machine for automating small and medium batch
production. Being connected to the side of the DATRON CNC machine,
it is directly ready for use. Indumatik® light is a special, compact
system which elegantly combines milling, clamping and automation.
In no-personnel operation, up to nine different programs can be run,
one after the other.
DATRON Pick-and-Place System
The DATRON pick-and-place system (,,PAP") was specially developed
for the handling of small workpieces. It consists of a program-control-
led gripper, which is directly attached to the Z axis of the CNC machine.
The pick-and-place system is directly controlled via the CNC control.
DATRON Automatic Lift Gate
With the short opening and closing times of only two seconds, the
set-up and non-productive times can be drastically reduced during
CNC machining by the DATRON lift gate. In addition, the lift gate makes
automatic loading possible, e.g. by robots.
Customer-Specific Automation Solutions
Whether partial or full automation -- DATRON offers experience from
a multitude of automation projects. Our experts can develop individual
solutions based on a systematic analysis of the necessary manufactur-
ing processes. Automation is worth it. Often already after a short time.
We`ll be happy to advise you!
DATRON Automation